Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cugini Italian Dining

This is the second visit to Cugini after a great first impression (photos here) and again the experience lived up to its expectation!

Started off with a Sicilian style seafood soup. The very thin bread got a little soggy but that's probably the only downside to this dish. Full of favours and peppered with some chunky bits of the root vegetables and seafood used to cook the soup. It was a delight! Very real and rustic feel to the whole dish. A great start to dinner! (4.5/5)

Buffalo mozarella served on tomatoes. A very classic Italian starter. Creamy cheese and what you would expect from a dish like this. (3/5)

The Sardinian style bottarga (mullet roe) pasta is a clear winner. No wonder it is popular with many of the diners and many reviews listed it as a must-try. The pasta was done al-dente (the way it should be), chewy and soaked full of the goodness of the sauce, fresh seafood and a (very) generous sprinkling of bottarga.It is hard to describe the taste of the mullet roe, you gotta taste it to know how it to know. Excellent combination and very very good indeed.(5/5)

The Sicilian style lobster risotto had be ordered as I am in the process of toying around with ingredients for my own risotto. The crunchy bits of asparagus and apple were fantastic additions for texture and taste! The unami of the lobster stock and perfectly cooked lobster made this dish very close to the pasta above. Do not expect a very cheesy risotto here if that's your preference. I persoally thought the risotto were cooked a tad too long. Other than that, it has to be rated (4.5/5)

Chocolate Souffle with homemade vanilla ice-cream was up for desserts. You can tell by now we are stuffed to the brim with the very generous servings. The souffle turns out to be more like a molten chocolate cake and it was actually a pleasant surprise! Pared with the gelato, I would say it was an excellent (dolce) ending to the meal. (4/5)

All in all, it was a plesant dining experience. The total bill came up to $120 which is pretty decent for the quality (and quantity) of the food served. It may be crowded on Fridays and the weekends and you may want to make reservations just in case.

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87 Club Street #01-01
Singapore 069455

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