Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ah Loy Thai

Ah Loy Thai shall mark the comeback for Food Prints! We apologise for taking the long hiatus with the addition to the family and work commitments. There are loads of delayed posts, dating back all the way to 2010 (yikes!) and we will clear the backlog as soon as we can. So please bear with us if the information is outdated. Still, we hope you enjoy looking at the pictures! #foodporn

Our love of Thai food is well documented and Ah Loy Thai is a chance discovery. Apparently they are opened by a retired couple and they had been at Shaw Tower for at least 15 years. Their son had ventured out and opened a branch at Tampines Mall.

The tom yum seafood soup packs quite a punch with the right dose of fiery goodness and a generous serving of seafood. The soup base is full of seafood goodness and the morsels of fish, sotong and prawns are packed with great freshness. A must to order. Will try the clear version of it on the next visit.

The pandan chicken is a half-half for us. While it is well marinated, we find it a tad greasy. But it is fried to perfection (in terms of crispiness) and it is served piping hot. A delight to have over the spicy overture of the whole meal.

We missed pictures of the stir fried vegetables. It is by default, that chilli padi is added to the stir fry. Do ask for the omission of the chilli padi as they actually pack a fiery kick. Our brows were dripping with perspiration by the end of the meal.

Service was decent, but do take note they are particular with where you queue up for seats, ordering of dishes (done at cashier). Even when the place is not crowded. We also missed out on the lemongrass drink as it was sold out.

Overall a decent meal and you can just hope over to Tom's Palette nearby for your ice cream kick.

(Prices are not included as this is a treat from a friend.)

Singapore Food Review

Ah Loy Thai Restaurant

100 Beach Road
#01-39/40 Shaw Tower Singapore
Tel: +65 9165 1543

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