Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kronenbourg 1664... Revealing the Effiel Beer Tower

Kronenbourg 1664 has to be the only French beer that I drink. and it's only apt that French premium beer Kronenbourg 1664 pays a romantic homage to the Eiffel Tower. Taking the French Art of Pleasure to new heights, the Kronenbourg 1664 Eiffel Beer Tower was unveiled last night for the first time in the world at The Coastal Settlement, one of Singapore’s newest and most charming dining spots set in the lush greeneries of Changi.

 A few shots of the Coastal Settlement.

Bar Counter

Outdoors Seating


Vintage Rides

Back to the beer:

We mostly had the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc. If you like the Belgian Hoegaarden, you will probably like this one too. A good floral scent and a light hop, very fruity and refreshing and probably very popular with the girls or someone looking for a light drink to start the session. But fret not, the lager is pretty decent too. I would say it's very similar to our own Tiger Beer with a little hop-py kick with the aftertaste. But hey, with the Blanc around, who needs the lager? :D

You see the bowl of condiments in the picture. They go super well with the Blanc. The cranberries and the nuts adds a special dimension to the floral taste of the beer. A great serving idea should you decide to throw your own party at home with the Blanc.

 And on this night, the Effiel Beer Tower was launched! Sprounting an impressive 3L belly, with 4 taps all around, you never have to wait while your friends are refilling their beer! The ice core in the middle helps to keep your drink cooooool all night long... while you imagine yourself in the romantic city of Paris.

Can-can dancers adding colours to the night of the launch.

Fill it up boys!

Friends at the table.

The launch is never complete without the ladies.

One night in Paris.

If you had been fanasizing of speaking French to impress the ladies but never got down to doing it, fret not. Now you have Kronenbourg 1664.

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