Sunday, December 05, 2010

My Rice (Novena Square 2)

Claypot rice had always been an all time favourite for me. But the usual long waits and the burnt bits (that gets stuck in between the teeth) puts me off a little. So when I heard of My Rice at Novena, I jumped at the chance to have a tasting since I have an appointment in the area.

An enterprise by two friends, barely a month old, they have since adapted and acted on customers' feedback and improved on the wares on offer. Willing to listen to feedback. Check. Willing to adapt and change. Check. Good food at reasonable prices. Check. What more can you ask you?

The idea behind the whole food kiosk is like a chinese style bento set. Considering the lack of sitting places there, you may want to pack and eat it on the go. Heard that many buy it back for dinner on their way home.

The main driver behind the stall. Home cooked claypot rice, without the claypot. Less oil, less salt (and less wait) is the key considerations behind this dish.

We had one of the 3 set lunch on offer. Set C priced at $5.50 ($5 now, part of festive promo) which includes claypot rice and 2 sides. They will happily include more veg if you ask.

Signature Rice (Claypot rice, without the claypot!)
The signature rice tasted just like claypot rice. You may think the lack of scallion oil and heavy black soy sauce is going to remove the punch from this classic dish, you are right. But MyRice made it up through the generous use of shitake mushrooms and dried shrimps. The lup cheong (chinese wax sausage) and chicken complete the taste. Classic homemade version. Minus the sins of the original and very much retaining the taste of it.

Oven Roasted Chicken Wing

At $1.50, ala carte. Not fried, as part of the healthy eating concept. Sufficiently marinated, at least overnight, it carries enough taste in it and still retains the moisture and taste of chicken. Nice crispy skin and they keep it in the warmer to retain the heat.

Jumbo Satay (Chicken)

I particularly like this. ($1, ala carte). Chunky pieces of meat are used and they are grilled on the order. Moist, nicely marinated and served with a hearty satay sauce. Brings back fond memories of the sate we had in Bali. Hmm... maybe I should suggest the use of kecap manis which I think brings another tasty dimension to grilled/ barbequed stuff.

MyRice also carries a special herbal (sorta) drink. Ji Bing which tend to be more popular amongst their matured customers. The addition of wu hua guo (figs) also powers up the medicinal and taste departments. Tasted a tad bit like grass jelly to be. It's meant to be good for your health and I have not seen it anywhere else. So, this drink for me anytime over a carbonated drink. :)

Overall, a good place that offers the homemade goodness of claypot rice, tasty oven roasted wings and a succulent jumbo satay. Wash it down with a herbal tea. Prices from $3 (white rice set) and $3.50 (claypot rice set) is definitely a good bargain.

MyRice is conveniently located at B1 of Novena Square 2, MRT exit level (Harvey Norman side), towards Sinaran Drive (TTSH). It is just next to Yips, the confectionary kiosk that serves up great CNY delights.

Why not pay a visit to the area and pick up some homemade goodness that yield on the healthy side?

Square 2 (Novena)
10 Sinaran Drive

1030-2100 (Daily)

Facebook page here.


  1. this sounds interesting ... will try this next time i visit novena sq

  2. Your blog site post rocks! Good job.


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