Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We couldn't decide what to have at Tampines Mall and we chanced upon Tonkichi. As both of us were craving for Japanese food and so here we go.

Upon going in, we were transferred to Japan. Ok... snap out of it. This section on the left once you enter the place is similar to some of the eateries we visited in Tokyo. Look how happy I am. Ha.

Explains the beginnings of tonkatsu (とんかつ). Or is itトンカツ? Hmm...

Great ambience isn't it?

Kimchi Shabu-Shabu (Black Pig)

I ordered the kimchi special. Meat used... kurobuta. How can you turn down berkshire pig (black pig) when it's on the menu. (The price.) And... in a shabu-shabu, kurobuta is the only way to go.

Kimchi was nice enough and lends a deep flavour to the soup. The pork? Slight flora scent and chewy (or the taiwanese may say, QQ). Love it.

It came served in a set like this.

Awesomeness! Right proportion of fats and meat.

Ramen Set

The wife had the ramen set (which is not available at the takashimaya branch). A choice of ramen, tonkatsu and side dish. Cost less than $20.

She opted for the pork fillet which has a higher fat percentage. Moist, crunchy and flavourful. Decent but somehow we felt something was missing. There was no WOW factor.

We chose the adegashi tofu as the side. Normal.

The tonkotsu soup base was a little too salty for my liking. And could had been richer. Char Siu was ok. Egg.. overcooked. Overall, decent.

From here on, it is our second visit in a month to Tonkichi. This time round we ended up at Takashimaya. 

Tonkatsu Pork Fillet. Consistent taste here and at Tampines. Mark of a good chain stall.

Black Pig tonkatsu. ($38.90). Definitely a cut above the normal pork. The price may be prohibitive, but if you are feeling the love, order it. Worth it.

I had the special set ($29.90). Decent kimchi that came with it.

Normal pork. Rosu (loin). Surprisingly it was moist even though there is a lower fat percentage. 

The sesame crusher. Grind the sesame seeds and pour in the tonkatsu sauce at the table. Dip it with your katsu. I like it with a touch of mustard that comes served with your katsu. Nice.

Overall a good place to be at when you are craving for tonkatsu with a reasonable pricing. Go for the kuro katsu if you feel like spending.

There's one-for-one Sapporo draft promotion ongoing when we visited the branch at Tampines Mall. (Weekdays 630pm onwards, full day on PH and weekends)

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