Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Suriya Curry House

We found a gem! Within walking distance... and open 24hours! This reminds me of Fong Seng and Prata during our good old hall days. The mee goreng is splendid. Tasty, moist and full of the dragon breath or 'wok hei' and not too spicy that it over-runs the taste. Simply sedap. And yes, the customary cucumber served with tomato ketchup.... awwww.... are you feeling the love?

The maggi goreng offers a springy-ier texture if you prefer it. 

The roti pratas here is a delight too! The kind that is crispy on the outside and oooohhh so fluffy on the inside. And the curry that they serve with it, is not the thin kind. It is thick and creamy, full of the good old curry, spicy stuff. Delightful. So is the egg prata.

Teh halia (ginger milk tea) is great too! The right balance of ginger and tea... most importanly, not too sweet. Smooth and silky, so much so we took evening walks just to get a packet of tea for our after dinner drink. Superb.

Sorry. No prices available as the usual prata place just total your bill at the table. The mee goreng is about $3 (with egg) and teh halia is $1. Not too sure about the prata though.

Price here is reasonable. And many were spotted having briyani and Indian rojak. Will be our next orders. 

Suriya Curry House
536A Upper Serangoon Road


  1. thanks for the tip, i'm always up for a good prata!

  2. the prata looks pretty good, thanks! :D

  3. stargirl & hannah: let me know if you like it after you had their food. :)


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