Sunday, November 21, 2010

Liang Ji Seafood

Had heard about this place for the longest time and also from the Mediacorp Channel 8 series of 煮炒来咯. 

First up was the Nonya Garoupa. ($30) The blend of spices used in the nonya soup is self blended and apparently from a secret recipe. We love it for the acute balance of sourness, sweetness and spiciness (The three S's.) And it wasn't overbearing spicy that it kills your taste buds but enough to make you sweat, slowly. Fish was fresh. Best part of the dish for me? The lady's fingers (okra) and brinjals, which goes superbly well with the sauce. Loving it.

虾米生肠 ($8) or dried shrimps with intestines is a very interesting dish. Stir fried in oyster sauce with dried chilli and enough onions the taste is slightly on the salty side but is great with rice. The dried shrimps provided a nice crunch as you bite in and the intestines has a nice chewy texture to it. To me, this stole the show. 

蒙古豆腐 ($10) had a very unfamiliar taste that I can't put a finger to. Nicely fried and topped with meat pieces, this again is slightly salty. I can't decide if it's really good or just normal. I guess it hangs in between these two categories.

双味螃蟹 ($24) was the star of the night. Black Pepper and Salted Egg flavours combined. The result? Awesome. The peppery flavour permeates the fresh crab and the salted egg lifted the tasted really well. Creamy, sweet with a tint of pepper. What more can you ask from a crab dish? 

Here is a cut from the episode.

<br /> <a href="" target="_new" title="Hougang Double-flavoured crab 后港双味螃蟹">Video: Hougang Double-flavoured crab 后港双味螃蟹</a>

Overall the dishes were alright and of course with a few stars that are unique to this place. But most of the dishes are slightly on the salty side and probably more MSG than I can personally take was used. (I get numbed cheeks on overdose of MSG). Nevertheless a delight and I will be back for more. And of course the next time, order lighter dishes. 

Leong Ji Seafood
21 Hougang Street 51

(They have a branch at AMK Ave 5 too)

9459 5822/ 9026 1882

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