Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prego Again! Fairmont Hotel

Second entry on Prego here. Check out our first entry here. This had got to be our favourite Italian place with a combination of quality of food, ambience, convenience and price (Feed at Raffles 1-for-1).

We were in a hungry mood today and ordered starters! A repeat order of Parma Ham & Melon ($27) is definitely a must. Prego serve one of the better parma ham we have had. Combined with the ever so sweet rock melon, the bitters from the rocket leaves and the balsamic fig, this is a great starter with a combination of all the flavours.

The order was mixed up. We were served beef carpaccio instead which we promptly returned (without tasting it). Looks great, but raw red meat is something I hadn't gotten over mentally yet. And plus I don't take beef. Probably the only meat besides fish I would take raw is probably horse-meat. That's another story for another time.

The fungi carpaccio ($19) was a disappointment. Cold and under-seasoned (and with super small servings), you could not even taste the classic woody taste of mushrooms. Plain, bland... what a waste of money. And I think it's one of their signature dish if I recall correctly.

The rissoto of the day ($36) comes in the form of seafood, a very generous serving of squid, clams and prawns on a light tomato, cream base. Delightful and cooked to the right texture that gives the creaminess of the risotto and yet with a little crunch left in there. The cheese-level was superb and you can still taste the stock base in between the creamy cheese. And of course the hint of garlic that whiffs in now and then. Simply supreme.

Another look at the favourite dish of the night.

And yet again, complimentary cake for our birthday celebrations. We opted for mango mousse over the chocolate cake this time round. Very nice, although a little tart for me. Good round off to the meal.\

(Prices quoted are before Feed at Raffles offer.)

Fairmont Singapore
2 Stamford Road


  1. Yays. This would sound weird but I did like the once and only try of horsemeat -- I've had horse meat before too at Nogawa in Singapore!

    Prego always just seems to be like the-Italian-restaurant-at-the-hotel rather than just the-Italian-restaurant imho. But of course, with the Feed at Raffles =)

  2. so how did it taste like? the horse sashimi?

    haha. as long as the food tastes good, it doesnt matter to me what kind of restaurant it is! :)

  3. been awhile since i went prego with my wife .. we used to frequent this place 10 yrs back, but now there are a lot of choices for fine dining italian food. but after reading this, maybe i should pay a visit soon ...

  4. Ian, thanks for dropping by! so where's the other italian places that you frequent? i dont see prego as fine dining actually. ha.


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