Monday, October 25, 2010

Nando's Bugis Junction

Nando's flame grilled chicken had created quite a flame when it was re-opened in Singapore. The ridiculously long queues mean that we have had to go for lunch at 2pm. A foodie gotta do what a foodie gotta do, right?

As it was late, we decided to go small on servings. A quarter chicken with mild sauce ($13.90) comes with 2 sides. The chicken was nicely marinated and the flesh was moist. Somehow, I am just not blown away by the peri-peri sauce. It didn't taste that special to me. Or am I missing something?

The spiced rice was disappointing to say the least. Garden salad... normal.

C ordered the pita sandwich ($12.20) as her throat was burning. She didn't want to risk the fiery of the african marinade. The salsa sauce is a good complement to the grilled chicken breast. The tangy and chilling sauce goes particularly well with the perfectly grilled sliced chicken. A pity that the pita bread is too dry though. I have a soft spot of sandwiches, no matter what form it takes.

The fries and bean salad (?). Sides were really normal at best. Nothing too interesting, or worth remembering.

Cape Verda Fresca ($3.90), basically a lime tea. Refreshing but overpriced. I am make this at home. 

The famed peri-peri sauce. Didn't leave an impression but MIL say the extra hot sauce is not bad. I must say there is a distinct smokey slant to it.

Nando's Bugis Junction
#01-85/87 Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Tel: 6338-6555

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  1. Thanks for the review, Huan! We appreciate the comments given. Hope you enjoyed your meal at Nando's & do drop by again for your peri-peri fix!


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