Thursday, August 05, 2010

Keisuke Tokyo Ramen

riding on the ramen craze, Chocolate Chip Cookie went to Keisuke Tokyo Ramen at Parco Millenia with some equally ramen-crazy colleagues. they're famous for their shrimp-based soup that comes in 2 flavours - plain and miso.

i can imagine that they're super high in cholesterol since the soup was boiled using roasted prawn heads. since it's so unhealthy it had better taste out of this world right???
unfortunately, i didnt like it very much. :(

the shrimp broth was just okay, maybe because i dont exactly love shimp. the egg yolk wasnt runny enough for my liking. the chicken meat had a strong (repulsive) meaty-taste (could just be my bowl).

well if you like it enough to finish it, you get to see a special message at the bottom of the bowl haha. costs less than $20 for a full set meal (ramen + eggs + meat).

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