Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ramen Santouka

Managed to arrange a last minute meet up with Mr FE for lunch today. After talking to Mr Nurse about Japanese cuisine the day before and food in general two days before, I have this craving for the ramen @ The Central. I decided, might as well, as I need to get some ingredients from Meidi-ya for Mr K's birthday lunch.

Met and catch up a bit with Mr FE. We been friends like for about 14 years now and even though we would like to meet up more often than what we are doing now, it is always amazing to be able to just share your thoughts and in general just talk cock.

So, we (actually I told Mr FE about my craving and he gamely obliged to accompany me to satisfy it) headed straight to Ramen Santouka @ The Central which is near Mr Fe's workplace. Amazingly it is the only few outlets without a lunch special. (Billy Bombers was calling out to me, but I was dead focused on getting my ramen.)

I did not bring a camera with me, and had to borrow these photos from other websites.
Mr FE ordered the Char-Siu kara-miso ramen. And of course, I dived my spoon into his soup, even before he touched it. Disappointedly, it did not excite my palate.

This is taken from [here] and shows the char siu ramen with miso soup. The kara-miso is slightly red in colour and has the chilli fragrance. It is however, NOT spicy at all.

[photo from here]
Mr Pancakes on the other hand ordered the pork-cheeks special (Yokusen Toroniku) with the miso-soup. The pork cheeks were FANTASTIC. Tender with the right amount of fats. It also tastes superb with the condiments and the miso soup. However, it is a tad too salty for Mr Pancakes' taste. This goes to the miso soup too.

Mr Pancakes shared his tasting notes with Mr Nurse and 'complained' that the stuff were good but a tad too salty. Mr Nurse's reply was, "Well, ramen is supposed to be flavourful. You will know when you go Japan." Ha. oh well. I will stick to soba noodles then!

Will order the shio-soup and the chicken karaage as recommended by Mr Nurse.

Total bill came up to $44 which was quite decent. Though a tad too salty, a satisfying lunch nonetheless.

The Central, #02-76 (near Billy Bombers/ below Ma Maison)
6 Eu Tong Seng Street

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  1. I havent been to Santouka but u might wana try Marutama Ramen its at Central too, 3rd level (right outside the glass lift). The broth is just right and ramen is al dente. I'm not a fatty pork lover but go for the grilled pork, it melts in my mouth so sinful!

    btw they're menu is dead simply, if i rmb correctly they have 3 kinds or ramen and some side dishes.


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