Saturday, October 24, 2009

Café Hacienda

The Pancakes hadn't been to a nice weekend breakfast for the longest time due to work commitments and Mrs Pancakes misses her Eggs Benedict. So Café Hacienda after recommendations from a friend.

The cafe setting was clean with dark timber in the café (which actually reminds us of our own place). Opt to sit indoor as it might be hot outside. If you like some sun, opt to sit at one of the two tables next to the windows (they can only sit two). You can enjoy some morning sun in the comfort of an air-conditioned place. What really caught our eyes were the books on display which you can take and browse while waiting for your food. There are also magazines and daily newspapers. The table setting is simple, yet delightful with a miniature bouquet set in the centre of each table that brightens up your mood.

The breakfast menu, although not as extensive as some of the weekend brunch places we visited [link]. But the usual suspects were available. It was disappointing that the Belgian Waffles were not available. According to the serving staff, it was because that they were replacing the waffles with something else soon.

The missus ordered the usual eggs benedict while Mr Pancakes had to settle with eggs any style (poached, served with sausage).

The food arrived in about 15 mins which was good for you to settle down, go through some reads and enjoy the ambience.

Eggs Benedict: Eggs were well poached with runny yolk. English muffins were chewy yet not tough. The hollandise sauce was slightly burnt (intentionally) to give that extra kick. It was perfectly balanced, not too tangy nor too creamy. The bacon was crispy on the sides but soft where the eggs rested on. It wasn't too salty either, just right for that morning perk. The dressing on the arugula leaves were delicate with a sweet and tangy, which goes well with the bitter and nutty taste of the greens. Overall, this dish was a good experience.

Mr Pancakes was however disappointed with the eggs in any style (poached with sausage). The dish looked sparse when it arrived. The eggs were bland and salt and pepper were not readily available on the table. The toast was tasty but it came in two triangular halves, not enough to feed a full grown man. The sausage was normal. Disappointing dish in terms of value. Mr Pancakes firmly believes in value for money of his food (as of other things in his live too) and this dish costing the same as the eggs benedict (SGD 13.50) is definitely not good value, relatively.

The Pancakes finished off breakfast with a Tiramisu in a Cup. The mascarpone cheese was light with the right level of sweetness. The spongecake was infused with great espresso coffee and not overbearing. It went well with the cheese and the usual cocoa powder sprinkled on top. A delightful dessert at a fair price of $7. Just the right amount for 2 health conscious people.

Overall, a good weekend breakfast experience in the lush and quiet surroundings of the Dempsey area. Service staff was friendly and responsive.

Cafe Hacienda

Blk 13 Dempsey Road


Tel: +65 6476 2922

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