Monday, October 11, 2010

Flying Bread @ 313 Somerset

Had to frequent 313 Somerset quite a bit for the last couple of months. Usually I will grab a light dinner before going for my dealings and eating another light home-cooked dinner thereafter.

And so, I had the chance to frequent the Food Hall @ 313 Somerset quite a bit.

One of the more tasty treats I had, have to come from the Flying Bread. And it help that they were having an offer of topping $2 for a choice of shakes. I had the avocado shake, decent, thick and  the swirl of chocolate. Not too bad, although I would have loved it if gula melaka was used.

I ordered the regular chicken flying bread ($3.90) and it was prepared fresh on the order. Nice, crispy and well marinated chicken wrapped with fresh, crisp and juicy shredded lettuce in a warm naan. A great treat that warms the stomach and fuel you up. A great perk-me-up!
Flying Bread
Food Hall
313 @ Somerset

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