Monday, September 06, 2010

Tom's Palette Ice Cream

Yes. You are not mistaken. We had 11 cups at Tom's Palette. And we had to repeat flavours. What a great way. Don't you love the myriad of colours? Just by looking at it makes you happy!!

Mango: Smooth and creamy. Full of mango flavours. A good combination of tartness and sweetness makes it taste more real. Somehow I get the "mango syrup" feel.

Choco Sorbet: It's not common to serve chocolate in sorbet form. I must say it tasted more like molten chocolate to me. The cold version. Interesting but didn't blow me away.

Evidence of taking too long before taking photos. But it's difficult to stop 10 squealing and hungry girls. 
Choco Stout: Very mild in both chocolate and stout. Though the idea is good as both bitterness is distinct and quite enjoyable.
Granny's favourite: Can't remember much about this. Just that it's a tad too sweet. Granny shouldn't be having too much sugar!

Melt & Sizzle: Brings out the kids in the girls. Super interesting. If you remember the cola pops that sizzles and 'pops' in your mouth, this is it. They are mixed into the ice cream and this is sure one fun and yummy flavour.

Red wine sorbet: Sour. It tasted more like watered down red wine. 

Blueberry Cheesecake: Sweet from the blues and sour from the cheese. Nice combi. Could have had more blueberries I felt. 

Mocha Macnut: Seriously, cannnot really taste the macnut. Could be the mocha overpowering it. 

Repeat flavours.

Horlicks: Well... it tasted like horlicks! Love it. Not overly sweet. Just nice. Brings a new edge to horlicks-peng.

Salted caramel cheesecake: If you are into savoury ice cream, this is the one you must get. Very nice and perked with salt and sweetness from the caramel.And of course the sourness from the cheese makes it a complete taste adventure!

Summerberries: Tasted like the haagen daaz summerberries, which is superb. The tartness and sweetness of the berries was superb. Do you know berries are actually brain food?

Lychee Rose: This is my favourite flavour of the day! Nice strong lychee taste supported beautifully by the subtle flavours of rose. Strong and with the gentle feminine flower scent. Simply divinve.

Apple Pie: Apple taste was very faint. And it's well too sweet for my liking. 

Banana chocolate: This has got to be one of the best combination, banana and chocolate. But in ice cream, it didn't seem to come out too well. I will stick to the jams.

Rum 'n' Raisin: No kick from the rum and not enough sugar from the raisins. The vanilla taste could had been stronger. Haagen daaz still rules in this department.

Salty yuzu: Not very popular. It is like eating salty mandarin orange. Refreshing, but not all will like it.

Passion Sake: Sour and lack of the sake taste. Unless you are a big fan of passion fruit, skip it.

Coffee: (very strong) Indeed. It's like a double shot espresso. Your alternative to a caffeine shot, a cold one.

Overall the ice creams served at Tom's Palette is good quality and the ingredients are really fresh. Have to applaud the super vast variety of flavours available and they do rotate them. With so many choices, you are bound to find something that you like!

There are many many flavours on their list that I would really like to taste. More drop-ins are definitely on the cards.

And a shot of the group. 


  1. my favorite ice cream place here in singapore, and i have been to most of them.

  2. superb! so what's your fav flavour?


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