Thursday, September 23, 2010

Professor Brawn Cafe

Professor Brawn Cafe is also known as a social enterprise. They provide jobs, showcase talents and raise awareness for the special needs community. And this is where I ended up for a meet up with a long-time friend who is what else but a social worker. :)

The mushroom soup came with a set meal consisting of soup, mains and a drink. We ordered the black miso cod set ($22.90). The soup was substantial with enough bits of mushrooms still visible. It was a bit too peppery for me though, but still a hearty treat nevertheless.

We shared a portion of  Chicken Caesar's Salad ($8.90) which my friend kept raving about. I have to admit it is one of the more affordable ones in the market, served with generous cuts of grilled chicken breast. And it taste good too! Not the super duper rich kind you will get elsewhere but great value for its price.

The friend have a spaghetti bolognaise ($11.90) which I didn't taste. According to her, it was just... normal. Something which she will not re-order as there are other better dishes in the menu. The sauce was bland and the beef... bland.

The main dish of black miso cod came with a serving of blanched aparagus and mashed sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes are surprising nice and moist. The cod, is slight burnt on the surface but still holds the distinctive natural layers of (good) fats in between the layers of meat. The charred sections actually cuts through the fatty fish quite well! 

What you shouldn't miss is the array of ice cream that they serve. Both scoops came courtesy of a UOB card promotion. Can't remember the flavours that we ordered but they were VERY good.

And according to my friend, whom eat at this joint quite often, do not miss out on the fish and chips (which comes in huge portions) and their home-made tea. There are also affordable lunch sets on weekdays to indulge into. So head on down there now!

Professor Brawn Cafe
Velocity (Novena MRT)
238 Thomson Road
Tel: 6253 4650


  1. It all looks so good.
    Are those books in the restaurant for reading?

  2. yes they are! they are the menu actually. :)

  3. What a cool restaurant! I love the idea of the bookshelves and books as the menu.


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