Monday, August 09, 2010


if you work in town and think Koi is too out of the way for you and you NEED a quality-certified (by yours truly) cup of bubble tea, here's your saviour:
Chocolate Chip Cookie stumbled upon this late last year after a meeting at the HQ. back then, this bubble tea brand was relatively unknown but now i see people ordering 5 or 6 cups at a go during lunch time.
what is good is they serve sandwiches and a whole lot of other drink and they have some tables and chairs for dine in.
what is great is their oolong milk tea is comparable to Koi's. same price, same method of mixing, same choose-your-own-sugar-level but minus the queue. not sure about the chewiness of the pearls because i dont eat them. they dont have grass jelly though.
what is superb is their green milk tea is BETTER than Koi's! i always find Koi's green milk tea too bland but here at Eskimo they steam the green tea before shaking with the powder and ice. in turn the taste of the green tea comes out strong.
and now, on top of their little shopfronts at Dhoby Ghaut Xchange and Market Street Carpark at Raffles Place, they are have opened one more at Esplanade Xchange! :)

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