Monday, April 19, 2010

Go Go Curry

Focus is the key. We only have 24hours of time a day, and that makes focus even more important. The key is, deciding what are they.

So, what's your focus for today?

The trail blaze of Japanese food continue for us. This time round it's the food basement at Ion Orchard again. I think we only have Sushi Itacho left that we had yet savour. One day, we will. And I have a funny feeling that the day will come sooner than later.

And of course, by the name of the shop, it sells only Japanese curry dishes. We went for the economy size, having at first no way to telling how big the serving is, the safest way to go.

And of course how can we miss out our favourite pork tonkatsu? At economy size, ($12.50) it had a decent serving of Japanese rice and loads of cabbage. The curry is slightly darker than you would usually see. The curry is slightly more peppery than the norm and a tad sweeter, other than that the normal taste of Japanese curry is there. The pork cutlet was fried to perfection, still hot and juicy when served. (3.75/5)

We couldn't resist the sausages and toppings at just $3.50, it seemed like value for money. Thus the pork sausages were added with the chicken cutlet curry. Needless to say, the curry sauce used for the pork and the chicken (and we suspect the rest of the dish) is the same. The sausages was slightly disappointing as they were served cold. Not the hot, piping sausages that we were expecting. They are also slightly on the salty side and with wrinkled skin like what you see in the picture, they were probably pre-cooked and left out for too long. (3/5)

Service was prompt and the staff were very polite. It took about 10 minutes for the food to be served, which is a good sign as they prepare the cutlets fresh (and not the sausages.)

Overall a delight and I would say value for money meal. The smaller portion (healthy size) would probably satisfy me. If you are in your raging teens, you may want to try economy size and above.

Go Go Curry
Ion Orchard


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